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Cape Wind Deal to Bring Boston Clean Energy Jobs

Posted on March 31, 2010

Cape Wind announced it has entered into an agreement with Siemens to supply 130 of its 3.6-Megawatt turbines for America’s first planned offshore wind farm off the coast of Massachusetts, a move that would bring Boston clean energy jobs. In addition, Siemens also announced plans to open a U.S. Offshore Wind office in Boston.

Employers Expected to Add Boston Jobs

Posted on March 16, 2010

Boston jobs are expected to increase across several industries over the next few months, according to a survey by Manpower Inc., the national staffing agency. Manpower’s quarterly report found 20 percent of Greater Boston employers expect to increase hiring in the three-month period that begins in April, up from 13 percent in the previous three […]

Teaching Jobs in Boston Eliminated

Posted on March 8, 2010

A shakeup at several Massachusetts schools today caused the elimination of several teaching jobs in Boston. According to state officials, staff at six schools will have to reapply for their jobs and five principals will be replaced after the schools were listed among nearly three dozen statewide that will probably be declared “underperforming’’ and subject […]

New Legislation to Create Jobs in Boston

Posted on March 2, 2010

Governor Patrick of Massachusetts recently filed legislation that will help many small businesses create jobs in Boston. In a nutshell, the legislation will help small businesses hire new workers and reduce the cost of doing business for small businesses. Recently, leaders in the Massachusetts area have come together to enact measures that will spur on […]

Liberty Mutual Adds Insurance Jobs in Boston

Posted on February 22, 2010

Liberty Mutual, a home, life, and auto insurance company, has announced that they will be expanding their headquarters and adding 1,100 new insurance jobs in Boston (click here). The company known for their endearing commercials about paying it forward planned the expansion with Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino. According to Property-Casualty.com, if local government authority […]

Sale of Company Eliminates Manufacturing Jobs in Boston

Posted on February 15, 2010

According to Boston.com, Ames Safety Envelope, a longstanding company in Massachusetts, has been sold, thereby eliminating 150 manufacturing jobs in Boston (click here). The new owner of Ames Safety Envelope is TAB, a Wisconsin-based records management company with offshoots in Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Leaders Pledge to Create Jobs in Boston

Posted on February 10, 2010

With the total number of jobs in Boston diminishing, Massachusetts leaders have banded together to think of ways the state can generate new jobs. Unemployment in Boston has risen dramatically, creating the need for new and innovative ways to spur on job creation. According to NECN.com, state Senate President Therese Murray is taking aim at […]

Boston Unemployment Increases

Posted on September 1, 2009

The Boston unemployment rate increased during July as the city and surrounding area began to lose jobs. While the majority of the country has been losing jobs since the beginning of the economic recession, Boston was previously one of the few cities that continued adding workers and maintaining a semi-stable unemployment rate. However, the latest […]

More Boston Jobs Created by Stimulus

Posted on August 26, 2009

More jobs in Boston (Click here) will soon be created by funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The City of Boston recently announced that it has received $720,000 in federal funding to help clean and redevelop contaminated sites in Dorchester and Roxbury. Of that money, at least $30 million will be used for […]

Boston Film Jobs in Focus

Posted on August 20, 2009

Any unemployed worker in Massachusetts who has ever dreamed of working in Hollywood could soon have a chance to do something similar, as several Boston film jobs could soon be created. The combination of two proposed studios, tax incentives for in-state productions and a thriving film industry are helping to create more opportunities for local […]